BHP Billiton, the world's richest mining company, plunders Australia's precious -- and FINITE -- artesian water resource without cost, oversight or regulation.

Australia is a desert land and the nation is presently suffering from extreme water shortages. The largest river system in the nation, the Murray-Darling, is in a critical condition -- outflows to the sea have all but ceased and vital lake systems are now dust bowls; YET the plundering Transnational, BHP continues to steal high quality water for its uranium, pollution producing mine, Olympic Dam.

BHP Billiton have helped themselves to


of FREE water from the Great Artesian Basin since 1982

Sydney households pay


for the same volume of water

The massive theft of water is causing environmental damage through:
  • land and water salinisation
  • encouragement of the spread of pest plants and animals
  • reduced pressure in some naturally occurring artesian springs

Since 1999 the Australian Government has spent


of tax payer money in an attempt to repair the damage